Desert Survivors is an affiliation of desert lovers committed to experiencing, sharing and protecting desert wilderness wherever we find it. We recognize the places we love to explore will not remain wild unless we give others the opportunity to experience them as we do and unless we remain vigilant and active in our efforts to monitor and preserve them.

Desert Survivors at the Patriach Grove in the White Mountains late-September 2017.  At over 11,300-ft. elevation the Patriarch Grove is home of the world's largest bristlecone pine the Patriarch Tree Some of the bristlecone pines are nearly 5,000 years old and still living. Over the years the wind has sculpted the trees into gnarled and twisted forms of living art.  The splendid remoteness and moonscape appearance gives this site a surreal atmosphere.  Desert Survivors sponsors trips to some of the most stunning and beautiful places in the American deserts.  Become a member and join us in seeing these wonderous sights.                                                                            Photo: Lynne Buckner

Desert Survivors Elect a New Board of Directors

October 13-15, 2017 Desert Survivors held its Annual General Meeting and camping retreat at the Arroyo Seco Campground in Monterey County, CA.    42 members attended the weekend event.  At the meeting, the Board of Directors for 2017-18 was elected.  Deirdre Crekanowicz was chosen as President.  Board of Directors members shown in this photo (from left to right): Stacy Goss, Martina Konietzny, Kevin Pope, Michelle Bashin, Marissa Seaman, Michael Goertz, Nick Blake, Marc Eldridge, Barb Bane and Michael Wells.  Not available for the picture, Deirdre Cerkanowicz and Charlene Daniels.    Photo: Judy Kendall

We look forward to a productive year to come.




Autumn is a terrific time to get out into the desert.  We are sponsoring a car camp to the Panamint Valley to view out-of-the-way archeological sites and a weekend retreat at the White Mountain Research Station at 10,200 ft. elevation.  In October we will backpack from the Owens Valley over the Inyo Mountains to the Saline Valley.  We will be getting the word out about our terrific organization with slide show presentations at Bay Area REI stores and at our information table at the Ridgecrest Petroglyph Festival.  Our annual holiday party will be held in Berkeley, CA on December 9, 2017.  Do not miss our Annual General Meeting (AGM) held this year at the Arroyo Seco Campground in Monterey County, where issues and directions will be discussed and a new board of directors elected.

We have plenty of desert to experience this fall.  Please join us for our adventures. 
For more information please go to our TRIPS PAGE.

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