Desert Survivors is an affiliation of desert lovers committed to experiencing, sharing and protecting desert wilderness wherever we find it. We recognize the places we love to explore will not remain wild unless we give others the opportunity to experience them as we do and unless we remain vigilant and active in our efforts to monitor and preserve them.

Desert Survivors backpacking in the Trilobite Wilderness, Mojave Desert November 2014.  These mountains,
in San Bernadino county, contain a strata of Cambrian shale––rock created 542 to 485 million years ago––that is
rich with trilobite fossils.  Paleontologist flock here to study the remnants of these sea creatures that were once the
dominant animal on the planet.  The trilobtes managed to survive several extnction events but were finally wiped out
in a mass extinction 252 million years ago.  Scientist believe we are now in the midsts of  another great extinction––
this one created by human activity.  Desert Survivors recognize the dangers in man-made global warming and supports
efforts to control it.  Likewise we champion the protection of wildlife, especially those creatures and plants native to the
North American deserts.  Become a member of Desert Survivors and join us on our mission to protect biological diversity. 
Photo: A.H. Cominos                          

                                     Latest News & Upcoming Events

                                                            PINNACLES NATIONAL PARK

Photo composite, clockwise from top left:  A day hike in Bear Gulch; Desert Survivors' new president Michelle Bashin; 
A high country rock spire; Park service lecturer demonstrates the wing span of a California condor; Packed up and ready
for the service project; Happy to be here; Our pot luck feast on Saturday evening; Desert Survivors volunteers gather to
clear brush from a wild hog exclusion fence.  Photos by: Lynne Buckner, A.H. Cominos, N. Blake

The new Desert Survivors Board of Directors, elected at our Annual General Meeting on October 12, 2014.  Left-right: Gerry
Goss-Managing Director, Norma Wallace-Secretary, Kevin Pope-at large, Elena Gogoleva-at large, Deirdre Cerkanowicz-at
large, Nick Blake-Communications Director, Marisa Seaman-at large, Judy Kendall-at large, Martina Konietzny-Volunteer Director, Michelle Bashin-President, Bob Lyon-Activities Director, Ron Cohen-at large.  Photo: Lynne Buckner.

                    THE FALL 2014 TRIPS SCHEDULE IS HERE!
This fall Desert Survivors is sponsoring a wide variety of trips and events.  There will be backpacks over
Mono Pass in the Eastern Sierras, along the Lonesome Miner Trail in the Inyos and into the Turtle Mountains. 
Just added: a November backpack into the Trilobite Widerness.  Our car camps include excursions to the Eureka
Dunes in Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon and Randsburg areas of Kern County, Saline Hot Springs and Anza-
Borrego. We will also take part in the Mojave Fest––celebrating 25 years of the Mojave National Preserve.
Of course there is our annual holiday party in December. 
For more information on these and other events please
go to the